We’re hiring: UI/UX Designer

We’re looking for a talented UI/UX Designer to join our team at FitRadar as co-founder.

FitRadar is a new free app to find the best personal trainer or sports events in your local area, in any sport. Fitness is closer than you think. Coming soon.

Be part of a FitRadar startup team and actively take part in developing the products

Besides excellent design skills, here’s what we expect from you: 

  • strong communication skills
  • motivation and initiative
  • growth mindset
  • sense of curiosity
  • a responsibility
  • desire to make things better
  • English, Russian and Latvian
  • location: Riga or Latvia
  • analytical thinking and self-driven

If you feel up to the challenge of creating beautiful designs in a faced-paced, exciting, and collaborative environment, send us your resume (CV) and portfolio.

Join our team and grow with us as co-founder.

If you are interested, please share your resume: job @ fitradar . me

P.S. Please visit our website: https://www.fitradar.me/ and join the mailing list. Our app is coming soon.

Fitness and mobile app

Hi ! My name is Dmitrijs Beloborodovs

Fitness become one of the buzzwords along with bitcoin or соvid. The first should eventually stop jumping up and down, the second should go away, yet fitness must stay forever. It is crucial to find a good personal trainer to have a smooth start and keep going for a long time. There is something that might help you with that.

Recently I joined a FitRadar team to help with mobile app development. What is a FitRadar (https://fitradar.me) in a nutshell? Briefly: we bring trainers and audience together. Today, your service must be available via different channels: website, integrated in social media and of course, has its own mobile app. A mobile device knows quite much information about you and your habits: your location, language preferences, your schedule and sometimes even specific health metrics (HealthKit is a good example). In other words, it knows enough to propose you a best fitness trainer or sport community in your area, with respect to your timetable, interest or by your friends recommendation. When you start building something great like this, you want to be sure are are building on solid foundation. Here is the first question you might want to evaluate:

Should I go cross platform or native?

Crossplatform solutions (i.e. Flutter, React Native) might look attractive initially, yet brings problems later: super long polishing to achieve smooth and nice UI/UX to mimic platform (all those bounces and responsiveness, etc) and hard path of integration with platform native hardware (location, calendar, etc). So, for us, answer is go 100% native. Stay tuned to know how well we managed to achieve a primary goal of our mobile app — bring nice experience of finding a sport fo your dreams.

Visit our website: https://www.fitradar.me/ and join the mailing list. Our app is coming soon!

P.S. Source: https://medium.com/@dmi3j/fitness-and-mobile-app-3dca370d8e10